Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 42: Friday Dinner at MOA..

Yes, last workday of the week. The week always seems faster when you only work for four days. It would be nice to have a 4-day work week instead, right? Woke up early to go to Mall of Asia so I could get an idea for my Halloween costume for the company's Halloween celebration. The costumes were expensive, did not want to spend money on that right now, so I decided to have my costume sewn instead, I am still not sure though of the design.

We also bought a gift in the department store and went to have it gift wrapped, the line was a bit long, but there was no line for Prestige card holders, so we went there. So much for their priority lane, we still waited for someone to finish but the lady wrapper still called for someone in the regular lane. Not being a brat, but don't you understand the word "priority"? What's the use of having that as a privilege? Anyway, someone was kind enough to help us.

Every thing was done, all that is left to do was to eat dinner. We were walking around the activity center and saw that there was a showroom for Chevy's and they also had Bumblebee roaming around for some pictures. I was just fascinated since it was the name of our new team at work.

We headed to Fish and Co. to eat our dinner. It was actually only my second time to eat here, and both times, I was with someone that is allergic to seafood. I ordered the same as before since I really like anything with cheese, that's why I ordered the NY Fish and Chips since the fish was stuffed with Parmesan. I really like the people in the restaurant because they are really attentive even tough there are lots of people eating. You know that they really take care of their customers, that's good customer service, plus the food is great also but is a bit pricey. So if I am to rate Fish and Co. - MOA, 10/10 for service, 9/10 for food and presentation, 8/10 for price.

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