Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 43: Four Eyes, Dinner @ French Baker

Just got my first glass last Thursday, damn, I didn't know my eyes were bad already. I'm getting used to wearing glasses but I don't to wear it all the time. I was curious why they called it corrective glasses, do they correct the eyes and heal them or do they just correct sight when your wearing them? Sorry for my ignorance.

I just realized that my eyes were going bad when there was an APE conducted in our office. I think only my right eye is affected. That's what you get when you face the computer most of the day.

I was at MOA Thursday to buy additional materials for the Halloween decorations at the office. It was fashion week for spring/summer collection and ate at Frech Baker which was in front of the catwalk for Freego jeans. I usually order pasta or meat, this time I wanted to try their fish ala meunier for a change. My order came and it looked good, but when I tasted it, it did really met my expectation. The taste was a bit blunt and needed more flavor. I am a salty eater, I got used eating salty food since my brother sometimes cooks are food too salty. As I understand it, when you cook something a la meuniere, there's butter then lemon. The sauce did not really taste like butter, more of cream and I did not feel the taste of lemon. It did not taste bad, it just lacked more taste to it, maybe more pepper and lemon. With the fish aside, I like their other choices like their cordon bleue, pork chop au poivre, and hickory spareribs among others.

Rating the restaurant, I recommend it for casual dining. It tastes nice and the price is reasonable since the taste is nice, the choices are great and serving is big also. You could check their menu here. I'd give taste and preparation 9/10, I love their pasta and others, it was just I did not like the fish. Service 7/10, the people are all scattered, and I was waiting for the cashier lady while she was just speaking to some of her co-workers, and when we requested for water, they gave it after asking the second time. Price, 8/10.

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