Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 41: Masskara! (Saturday)

The Philippines is rich with festivities. The Masskara festival is one of the most colorful festival here in the Philippines. I really enjoyed festival even though the weekend was very tiresome. The weekend was very memorable to me for several reasons, there was so many bloopers that happened.

The first day, we stayed at The Sugarland Hotel at Bacolod. The place was so so. Check-in time was 2:00 PM, we arrived at the hotel at 12:00, so we decided to go to MO2 Days Inn hotel to check if they already had rooms available for the next day since I only reserved one night at Sugarland since they only had the suite available, which was a bit more than the budget. Good thing, unlike that Saturday, Sunday was not as much fully booked so we got a room in Days Inn for Sunday which was actually cheaper. You would want to save as much money for other stuff. So we got back at Sugarland at around 1:45, we stayed at the lobby and waiting 15 minutes, went to the receptionist and was advised that they were still cleaning the room and asked for another 30 minutes. 30 minutes passed, they were still not finished, they gave as complementary ice teas. In short, it was after an hour before we got to check in. And because all of us did not get enough slip the night before due to the time of our flight, we slept, well, they did. After rest, we went to Lacson St. to watch the electric Masskara parade, which had only 4 participants. I am not sure if they were the winners of the parade the day before.

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