Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WTD in Cebu: Tourist Spots

Much Ado About Nothing. Spent the weekend at home after having a busy June schedule. I missed sleeping all day, and that was exactly what I did on a rainy Saturday. Since I don't really have much activity this weekend, I'll discuss most of the known places to visit in Cebu.

Let's start of with Magellan's Cross which is found in Cebu City near the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño/Sto. Niño Church. One of the contributions of our Spaniard colonizers is bringing Christianity to the Filipinos and we have embraced it ever since. We are symbolic people and as Catholics, Filipinos also have the love for catholic artifacts. Another artifact that you may find in the area is the sculpture of the Sto. Niño which was believed to be given by Magellan to a Cebuana local and which was spared from fire during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. A church was built where the icon was found and was later promoted to a Basilica.

In my many visits to Cebu, my latest trip was actually the first time I was able to set put at the Cebu Cathedral. I have always had the idea that the Basilica was also the Cathedral. The Cathedral is found just a few blocks away from the Basilica.

Another tourist spot that is just within the area is Fort San Pedro. It is considered the smallest and oldest triangular bastion fort in the country built to protect Cebu from Muslim Invaders. Two of it side faces the sea, which is now covered by new buildings.

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