Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 44: Preparing for Undas/Eating Mang Inasal

Last Sunday night, we went to pick up my dad from the airport and headed to Dangwa after. We were one hour from my dad's ETA so we decided to eat dinner first at Mang Inasal. Usually, I would order their Chicken Inasal with unlimited rice, but I decided to try their sisig combo meal that came in a cute container.

Our order came, which was faster than normal, and my order consisted of one cup of rice and a really small serving of pork sisig. If not for the container, I would not have ordered it. Compared to 1/4 barbecued chicken with unlimited rice which was the same price, the sisig was not really worth it, the serving was too small even for the cup of rice it came with. Another bad point was that the service is a bit slow, most stores have complaints that the service is a bit slow, which is acceptable when barbecuing the chicken, but when we ordered another sisig combo meal for take out, we had to wait more than 20 minutes before we got the order, which I am not sure why there was a delay.

Mang Inasal is famous for their chicken and unlimited rice at an affordable price. You would normally see any Mang Inasal branch filled with many people eating, and you could find several branches within an area. For most that does not know, Mang Inasal originated from Iloilo, just a boat ride away from Bacolod which is famous for the Chicken Inasal and mostly everywhere you look, you would see restaurants selling them. For most of restaurants that gets commercialized, the taste seems  to change and loses the authenticy. For me, the taste is just right, I'd give it an 7. Value for money is good, which is a 10, however, service could do better at 7.

When we got to pick up my dad from the airport, we headed to Dangwa to purchase some flowers to bring to the cemetery for our dearly departed. Dangwa in Dimasalang St. is where flowers are normally dropped from growers. The place was not as crowded as I remember from last year. As the years past, few people actually go there to purchase flowers. People are getting more conscious on spending money, but as they say, flowers wither and candles burn out, but prayers are eternal, or something like that. If we really want to honor the dead, it would be best to pray for their peace.

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