Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

Thursday! One day before pay day, before the weekend. Was given the chance to go on leave so I could leave earlier to Singapore. Really excited because of my new phone. Hopefully everything goes well, because, although it is my second time to fly the plane alone, it would be my first time to fly alone overseas.

Since I was really excited about
my phone, first thing I wanted to do was go to the mall and get my sim card cut to the microsim. Unfortunately, when I woke up, there was no freaking water. As per my brother, the water service cut the line for maintenance or something. So I had to endure the cold water from the deep well. We headed to the mall near us, where our friendly cellphone technician had a stall to get my sim get cut since I had nothing to trace it with manually. Sad thing was, he was noy able to purchase the cutter. So I had no choice but to go to MOA cause I new there ought to be someone that does sim cutting there. Partly I wanted to also go to Starbucks to complete my sticker for the planner. And yes, finally I found a place that cuts sims. After that I wanted to reserve some tickets for Harry Potter next week. I did bot want to watch it in Imax anymore, which we normally did before. I wanted to watch the whole film in digital 3D but they do not sell tickets yet.

It was around 8:30 and we were really hungry and ny brother wanted to eat at Jatujak, which is one of the restaurants we normally eat at in MOA. I enjoy any type of food, but one of the best I like, aside from Japanese and Chinese food would be Thai. From what I know, Jatujak (pronounced chatuchak) means market.

When we eat there, we never miss out on ordering noodle soup. You could choose from different types of noodles, and you can add beef, mixed fresh cuts, or mixed balls. Aside from soup, I really like the fried spring rolls for appetizer.

For the main course, I recommend the chicken pandan, spare ribs, kebabs, and beef with basil. The last two I really like. It was my first time to eat rice there since what I normally do is order the soup then just eat the viands. I enjoyed the rice because you could really feel it is high grade jasmine rice, and it really smelled good also. Their pad thai is too moist for me, I'm not really a fan. And of course, do not forget to order dessert, their sticky rice is fantastic. Like the filipino bico, it is sweet and the mango ads a twist to it. I'd give them a 9.5 for taste, 9 or service since I never had a complaint, and 9 for price since we get discounts through SMAC/Prestige.

And before going home, I stopped by Starbucks to claim my stainless steel limited edition planner.

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