Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 45: Friday going Saturday

Damn, there was so many things that happened Friday, going Saturday. I woke up last Friday at around 3 pm to go to MOA and get my picture taken for my postal ID and also get stickers from Starbucks, I was more excited on getting the stickers. First thing I did was get my picture taken then we ate at Mann Hann. My brother really likes chinese cuisines that why we decided to eat there, and we order the normal set we usually order, Lechon Macau, Mapo Tofu, and Yang Chow, those are the food that do not disappear in our table whenever we are in a chinese restaurant. Although it is not as good as North Park, I still like eating at Mann Hann.

In terms of taste, I'd give it an 8, although I have tasted better tasting food I still enjoy eating there because of their wide variety of food, and aside from chinese cuisines, they also serve Filipino food. The price is also reasonable and I'd give it a 9. Service is also good, not bad.

After dinner, we headed to get my picture, but they actually made the wrong package, so I had to wait a few more minutes so they could fix it. Once I got the pictures, we headed to Starbucks to buy coffee and get the stickers for their limited edition planner. I enjoy collecting the planners even though I don't get to use them. I was able to collect 3 planners last year, and only got to use it for a month.

This year, they bring back my favorite Peppermint Mocha, together with the Toffee Nut and Praline Mocha. An to get the planner, you would need to buy 9 Christmas Blends and 8 regular drinks.

We headed to the office after coffee because I was asked to go on overtime to get some work done before some company visitors come on Monday. I came to work and saw that I aisle that I was in was actually deserted since all my previous team members were out of the office.

After 12 hours of work, my co-workers and I went to my friends house for her farewell party. I am going to miss one of my best friends and confidant when she leaves, but goodbyes are inevitable. We ate and sang and drunk. Boy, I was already sleepy that time.

Last but not the least, once I got home, I just showered and headed to my friends place and headed back to MOA for a get together with my high school friends. We ate at Tia Maria's for a little mexican food. We ate all sorts of mexican inspired food from nachos to quesadillas to chicken wings. Taste was ok, maybe I am just exposed to tacos and nachos that often that it's a common taste to me, but i really love cheese, so i liked their quesadillas but for me it needed more cheese, so I would give it a 7 for taste. Service is good, although it seemed that their waiters were very limited, I'd give it an 8. Price was ok, we split the bill into 6 so it was not bad, I'd give it an 8.

So that was my weekend. I slept till Sunday afternoon to regain some strength.

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