Friday, May 29, 2009

Malapascua Island, Cebu

Malapascua Island is located on the northern part of Cebu. The island is famous for its dive spots where you could see various kinds of fishes and some sunken vehicles. Some of the fishes only come out on certain times of the day, so if you want to see them, you can wait. Each spot around the island has its own different types of sights to see. The waters are really high during high tides and really low during low tides, and you would be able to spot starfishes and sea urchins. It is more enjoyable to swim during the high tides because the water is deeper and there is not a lot of sea urchins that you can step on, although the water is a bit wavy.

(Malapascua beachfront)

If you're not into diving, or not certified to do so, one of the activities you could do in the island is to tour the island via motorcycles or locally called habal-habals. The residents of the island are honest, friendly and welcoming people. The habal-habals would go through the neighborhood and you get to see how the residents of the island live. One site to go to is the island's solar powered lighthouse that operates automatically, no one mans the place and is rarely guarded by people thus the path to the top is mostly covered by plants but still passable. Other sights include a place the locals call small beach, Pilar Pilapil's beach house, and Bantigue Cove.

(Malapascua Lighthouse)

(Other beachfronts in the island)

(Sunset at Malapascua)

Malapascua is approximately 4 hours from Cebu City, give or take.  From Cebu city, you could hire a van/car (Php 2500-3500) to take you to Maya port in Daang Bantayan, or you could also take the public bus from Cebu city that costs about Php 100. Once you get to Maya Port, you would need to take a boat ride to Malapascua, that would normally cost Php 50 each, or Php 1200 on a special trip. There are many resorts i the island that you could stay in. Below are links of some of the resorts you could choose from.

Malapascua Island Exotic Dive Resort

Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort

Hippocampus Beach Resort

Cocobana Beach Resort

Bantigue Cove Malapascua Beach Resort & Dive Shop

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