Friday, May 29, 2009

Review: Malapascua Island Exotic Dive Resort

Malapascua Island Exotic Dive Resort is located in Malapascua Island, Cebu. It is one of the many reosrt s you could choose from when you are going to the island. The resort itself is secluded from the main resorts in the island, giving you a more private time. The resort is proud to be the first and complete dive facility in the area having its own accomodation and restaurant.

The place is owned by a Dutch who married a local resident. They, according to the staff, are friendly and treat their staff members as family. The resort is more than 10 years old and mostly is visited by foreigners.

The rooms rates are reasonable, ranging from Php 1000 (electric fan) to Php 5000 (super deluxe). Click here for complete price list. The rooms are spacious although most of them are located behind the restaurant giving you minimal view of the ocean, but you could always stay on the hammocks that are placed on the shoreline of the place, shaded by the big coconut tress.

The food is great, not really outstanding but tastes good. There are lots of varieties you could choose from (from local delicacies around the country, to international cuisines). You could eat at the bar which is just infront on the ocean so you would be able to see a wonderful view while you eat.

The resort does have complete facilities for diving and if you are not yet certified, you could take their open water course that cost Php 17,000. There are many dive spots around the whole island and the resort takes you to the best dive spots, some spots are only available during certain times. But if you are not into diving, you could tour around the island via boat (for around Php 1350) and go snorkling (snorkling googles rented separately) where you could see sea urchins, starfishes and various types of fishes.

Customer service is outstanding. The staff are very accomodating and friendly. No complaints about their service, they are prompt and takes good care of you from beginning to end.

Accomodation/Room: 8/10
Food Choices: 10/10
Food Taste: 8/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

(Exotic Beachfront)

(The Bar/Restaurant)


Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort
P.O. Box 1200
6000 Cebu City

Phone: (+63) 32-4370983
Fax: (+63) 32-4370984
Mobile: (+63) 917-3276689

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