Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bolinao, Pangasinan - Caves in Bolinao

Bolinao, aside from the beautiful beach front, also has many caves. Patar actually has three caves that people could visit namely Enchanted Cave, Wonderful Cave and Cindy's Cave. Enchanted cave is the most famous among the three and the most commercialized. The cave has been modified. It is the deepest and the biggest of the three. Wonderful cave is newly discovered and has a more natural effect to it compared to the three caves. It is also the cleanest and the water is really nice although the steps down to the water is a bit steep. Last is Cindy's Cave, it is the shallowest of the three, there is a grotto placed in the area and a shower was also placed in the middle of the water and the water is not as clear as Wonderful Cave.

(Wonderful Cave)

(Way to Wonderful Cave, many trees are planted)

(Cindy's Cave)

(Entrance to Cindy's Cave)

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