Friday, May 15, 2009

Foodtrip - Isdaan (Gerona, Tarlac)

One of the restaurants that you would notice when heading north of Luzon is the Isdaan Floating Restaurant Park. It is just along the main road and easy to spot, located in Gerona, Tarlac.

Isdaan features a wide variety of food that you could choose from, be it from the normal lechon kawali to different types of food from different parts of the Philippines that you would not be able to taste easily from any place like their Tacsiyapo. It is my personal favorite because it is spicy and has a sour taste. I have been in the place twice, and I have enjoyed eating there. 

Besides food, you could also check out some of the amenities of the place. There is the Tacsiyapo Wall where you could trow sand break some things on the wall, Tacsiyapo is a kapampangan curse word. Kids could also ride a goat drawn carriage or ride bikes. There is also a narrow bridge that you could cross and win a kilo of fish when you don't fall in the 6-feet deep water. There is also the Spitting Urinating Monkeys in Unggoy Ungguyan.

There are also many entertaining presentations like the music men roaming around, and sometimes, there are also musical plays that you could watch.

Contact Isdaan via there phone number 045-9312196.

(Pinaputukang Manok)

(Tacsiyapong Hipon, a sour-spicy taste, a little like pakbet, consists of some vegetables like tomatoes, beans and turnips plus a choice of your own meat that varies from beef to seafood)

(Lechong kawali with fried eggplant)

(Tacsiyapo Wall)


  1. Isdaan's good, but I say no to the goat ride.