Monday, October 25, 2010

The Baranggay Elections

Just got home from the Baranggay Elections, which ended around 3 in the afternoon but we stayed in the area for a while to observe how the election would go. My brother was a candidate for kagawad, and I only voted and my friend.

The election in our area was held in the public school. Our place is divided in 3 baranggay although the division was really chaotic. I am registered under Tabon 1, were my cousin was runnung for chairman and my brother was running for kagawad but they were under different parties.

As we stayed in the place, we got to see several things. The precint that I was registered to had issues with a person that signed the wrong name, which also caused the delay in counting. The issue was that someone had signed in his name and he was no longer able to vote, and someone even mentioned that it was his sister's husband that did it claiming that he was the one listed, afyer a few minutes of arguing, they decided to check who signed it an turned out not to be him and it was someone else they did not know.

While waiting for the counting to stop, we went by the other baranggays to get news. My cousin's son was running for SK chairman and was on the lead, but we could never avoid sore loosers to give their own opinions, but what the heck, that is one of the fun things of winning.

We went home since I had to go to work, and the counting was still not complete, so while I blog this, I am not sure if my brother made it.

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