Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 41: Masskara, the next day! (Sunday)

Woke up early that day to attend mass that Sunday although it was in Ilongo so I was not actually able to understand it. Just prayed in the Bacolod Cathedral then we walked to SM to buy some stuff, taking a look at souvenir items along the way.

In the afternoon, we went back to Araneta St to watch the street parade. It was my first time to watch the Masskara street dancing so I was really excited. We were at the backend of the audience and the show had just started. Since I wanted to take some pictures, I found my way to the front of the people. One lady kept telling me that I could go in since I had a camera, but I was scared by the rampaging street dancers so i just stayed back. My friend also told me that it was normal to see some of the dancers faint due to the heat and the heavy masskara, and we did get to see several dancers faint on the street.

So after standing for about an hour or so, we got a bit tired and decided to go to the back stage and get pictures with some of the dancers. Our feet were so sore but we really enjoyed the day.

Once the dance was completed, we decided to go home, but since the roads were still closed, it was hard to get a jeepney. Once we got one, even though it was really packed we got on and squeeze our way through.

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  1. Great post JM!

    I was one of the sponsors of the Brgy 17, (1st and 2nd foto above). our group won 1st runner up!!

    Its really sad to see that some of our dancers collapsed during the streetdance.

    im still here in bacolod ehehe. Hope to see you here next year!