Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend at Singapore.

I was on leave last Friday to get ready for my Singapore trip. But before leaving for Singapore, I dropped by NTC to report my lost iPhone. I miss my phone but I gave up hope on finding the unit. Hoping that the unit would be blocked so that whoever was able to get would not be ableb to use the unit, I submitted a request to block the Phone.

Since I was already in QC, we decided to drop by SM North Edsa to take a look at the Sky Garden since I was curious on howbit looked. Ate lunch at Greenwichat tried their Ribs, which was also good, comparable to Kenny's but I can say I had better. It was not as pricey also.

The following Saturday, woke up early for our 5:00am flight. We arrived atthe airport and the plane took off before the sun rose. We encountered some issues in immigration but we were able to get on the plane.

We arrived at Singapore on time and headed directly to my cousin's house. Rested for a while then came down to eat lunch. I ate my all time favorite chicken rice and was good to go.

We headed to Esplanade and toured around Marina. I was not able to tour and see the new Marina Sands building the last time I visited so we decided to stroll there for a while. The Merlion at Marina was actually being fix then and was covered. It was ok since I had seen it several times.

It was a long walk around Marina. And it was so tiring. We headed home to and slept.

The next day we just strolled around Orchard after mass. We dropped by Queenstown and ate at Ikea. I really loved the meatballs and chicken wings. I can get enough of it. I loved everything from the main course to the dessert and the bottomless drinks.

Strolled around Marina and bought my new phone. It is big compared to the iPhone but I liked thebig display for watching and blogging.

My trip ending and from the airport I went directly to work.
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