Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 8: Panagbenga Celebration

Woke up ealry in the morning around 5 to get ready beause we wanted to have a good location to watch the street dancing competition in Baguio's Panagbenga celebration. We stayed just below the mall in Baguio and we were in the front row. After an hours wait, the parade started. It was lead by the city officials and several organizations including the Korean and Japanese community in Baguio together with some DepEd members. There were so many groups walking that it almost matched the amount of participant in the dance.

It was the first time that sound systems were setup along the streets. Before, most of the participants had their own music, all of them playing the Panagbenga theme. Since I noticed the speakers, I thought that it was like the Masskara festival that had the same music all through out. It did play the same song, however, the speakers were not properly setup that the sounds on our place would suddenly turn of that when the dancers pass by, it looked so dull since there was no sound to dance to.

The parade was divided into 3 division, the elementary, high school and open division. The children were fun to watch and even though there was no music they still danced.

Most of the dancers were wearing the local dresses and bahags. The crowd cheers as the participants dance to igorot dances. Although this years street parade was a bit disappointing due to the sounds, over all it was still enjoyable.

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Location:Lake Dr,Baguio City,Philippines

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