Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - Clark, Pampanga

Been a while since I was able to go outside Cavite for some travel, and my weekends are busy again with some few trips. It is my first time to go to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, I am not really sure what to expect but I was really after taking some pictures. The fiesta, usually help during Valentines, was scheduled from February 10-13. I was able to go on Saturday, the third day due also to work. Being a weekend, there were several people in the area and little parking.

The daily schedules are the same for all the days. The balloons are shown every 5:30 in the morning, and 5:30 in the evening. Since I still had work in the morning, I decided to watch the night show, although a bit hesitant since my purpose was to take pictures and it was going to be dark then and hard to take pictures.

We finally arrived before 3:00 after a long travel along NLEX and lunch at Marquee Mall. Being an Ayala Mall, I was expecting a bit more food choices, but I liked their wide choices of apparels. Going back to the trip, we arrived more than 2 hours before the balloons would come. I checked the schedule and saw there were several events that I was also looking forward to. However as the show started, the shows took too long and started to become boring. Good thing was the place was windy and nice to hang out plus had many stores to check.

As we were waiting for the main event, my brother texted me that he was able to get near the fence and told me to go there since there were getting ready to inflate the balloons. I am really grateful that I still get to have a good vantage points each time we watch something. I took a while longer since it was windy and the balloons were having a hard time inflating until the wind subsided after 20 minutes, they were able to get most of the balloons up and finally, the balloon that I was waiting for, Darth Vader, was inflated. It was already dark that time and was having a hard time taking clear pictures, good thing there is Lightroom.

That's it for this post. Same time next weekend! - weekendswithmyql

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