Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cravin' for Chicken

Saw Kenny's poster for their new product, their version of the chicken rice I so so love. This is one of the few things I am excited about when going to Singapore. I never forgot the taste since I have first tasted the Singapore delicacy.

When I saw the poster, I started to have cravings for it. But since I was still full when I saw it, I decided to try it some other time. I never was able to get it out of my head until Sunday came. After dropping of my dad to the airport, we headed to SM MOA to eat.

Before eating, we droped by the supermarket to by some honey, lemon and ginger. Icurrently have sore troath and is a sucker for herbal remedies.

Finally, it was time to eat some chicken. The line was long and Kenny was packed, fortunately we were able to get a table and ordered. My order came first and it was time to give the verdict.

Having been able to taste the original version, I was actually dismayed when I got to ate Kenny's chicken rice. Let's break it down to each piece.

The chicken actually tasted like the normal roasted chicken although it was white. It also seemed to be a bit dry.

The rice tasted more like garlic rice rather than chicken rice. The sweet soysauce was good, the ginger sauce and chili sauce looked different but tasted ok since they consist of basic ingridients so how could they go wrong. The only thing I actually liked was the souo that came with it.

They should have boiled the rice in the soup so it could taste better. I am nit sure if that is the actual rice they served.since it seems to be just plain rice with.a bit of garlic added so it did not really taste like chicken rice.

Overall, I would still rather visit Makansutra in Ocean Park than eat it again. I'd give it a 4/10. Maybe they tried to modify the taste to adopt to Filipino taste but it does not have the feel of the chicken rice anymore.
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