Monday, March 14, 2011

Lunch at the beach.

After being awake for 24 hours and 6 hours of sleep, woke up late for our trip to Ternate. The Marine training camp in Ternate is one of the few nice beaches in Cavite.

The trip was planned just the night before. No time for buying food, just bought roasted chicken along the way. After an hour and a half of travel, we finally arrived just in time for lunch.

The entrance fee has increase to more than double since our last trip there. From about 25, fees went up to a hundred.

The increase, they claim, is for the maintenance costs, although it would be the marine trainee's that actually clean up the place and they do not hire outsiders. But the wash areas actually are not that clean.

We enjoyed the beach, swam for a few hours and then ate some fruits. There are times the beach is great, but there are also times when the beach is dirty or filled with jelly fishes, mostly the rainy period.

The water was just right when we came. It was a bit windy so there were many waves, not so big though. The weather was also nice for sun bathing, the sun was up but since it was windy, not so hot.

We went home early since most of our companions actually hd some appoibtments the latter part of the day. We arrived 5 in the evening and just rested at home.
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