Saturday, December 4, 2010

PPC Palawan: Day 1

Just arrived at Puerto Princessa City, Palawan. The flight was delayed for about 25 minutes due to air traffic. It's not shocking seeing there was so many people in the airport starting from the entrance to checkin to boarding. It was like a scene at movies where everyone was rushing out of one place, everywhere was crowded.

Why is it that everytime you're in a hurry, the worst things happen. We left the house 2 hours before departure. We normally leave 3 hours before since we would need an hour travel from Cavite to the airport. On the way to the airport it was really traffic, we were on the road for more than the normal one hour. Then when we arrived at the airport, as I mentioned the line was so long, good thing my mom asked the guard if we could cut the line since it was only an hour left before the flight. Once we checked in, the line was long again going to the gates which took more than 10 minutes. I was reallt hungry so I bought a veggie lasagnia parmigiana which consisted of eggplants and cheese. It taste really wierd. But i liked their pistachio cheesecake.

It was finally boarding time and the plane was far from the airport building so we needed to ride a bus to the plane. Once boarded it did not take of yet but waited for about 30 minutes.

Finally we arrive at the city of Puerto Princessa and was greeted by the shuttle driver of microtel inn.

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Location:National Hwy,Puerto Princesa City,Philippines

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